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Is Maintenance Free Decking Really Maintenance Free?

So, is maintenance-free decking really maintenance-free? It depends on your definition of maintenance.

Is Maintenance Free Decking Really Maintenance Free?


How Maintenance-Free is Your Decking, Really?

Maintenance-free decking is becoming more and more popular as homeowners look for ways to reduce the amount of time and money they spend on home maintenance. But is it really maintenance-free?

Here’s what you need to know about maintenance-free decking, from the experts at Reliable General Contractor.

Maintenance-free decking is usually made from composite materials, which are a mix of wood fibers and plastic. Here at Reliable General Contractor, we install TimberTech decking – the premier maintenance-free decking on the market! The advantage of composite decking is that it doesn’t require the same level of upkeep as traditional wood decking. You won’t have to sand, seal, or stain your composite deck, and it won’t crack, warp, or splinter like wood can.

However, composite decking is not completely maintenance-free. You will still need to sweep and clean your deck regularly to prevent dirt and debris from building up. And if you live in an area with a lot of trees, you may need to power wash your deck once a year to remove pollen and sap.

So, is maintenance-free decking really maintenance-free? It depends on your definition of maintenance. If you are looking for a deck that requires very little upkeep, then composite decking is a good option. It’s always good to keep in mind that any type of decking is going to require a little bit of love and care – and our TimberTech decking will allow you to spend as little time on deck maintenance as possible.

The experts at Reliable General Contractor can help you choose the right decking material for your home and install it for you. Call us today at (724) 216-8550 to get started on your custom decking project!

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